Assesment in the Elementary Art Classroom

Please Don't Eat the Artwork

My state has an evaluation system for teachers called TKES. Part of our evaluation involves assessment. Last year, when this syetem was inagural (and so was I!) the prospect of assessment in the art room left me with a million ?s. How could I assess artwork which is a mainly subjective domain in an objective way? How could I find the time to assess each and every piece of art created by each and every of my (give or take) 700 students? How could I assess in a way that made sense to the kids so that they could also be a part of the assessment process?


Just like the minion above, I was totally baffled. UNTIL I CAME ACROSS THIS. I have no earthly idea who originally came up with this (I wish I did so I could thank them!) So if you know please tell me…

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