Experiential: Brave New Art World

Squatting Artist

If you have ever read an artist’s biography or memoir, or have attended a curator’s lecture, or briefly overheard dialogue from an historically inaccurate movie, you will have been able to gather that an artist’s education involves primarily experience. Impressionist painters traveled extensively to find the best light, Ernest Hemingway lived daringly in Spain and Africa to produce works of strength, and curator Marcia Tucker had to go out into the sprawling New York art scene in the 1970s and ‘80s if she wanted to find any contemporary art worth talking about. Experience is the key to understanding – empathy is the key to art.

For this reason, I obviously had to include art crawls, gallery openings, and museum visits in my Squatting Artist Education, and luckily for me, Chicago has been more than obliging. Aside from the Art Institute of Chicago, the Smart Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art…

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