#SELFIE talk – Learning Photography

Maryland Professional Photographer

How I Learn From Selfies

So let me start off with acknowledging that this post will most likely look incredibly vein. I get it. I also don’t have 10 Facts About Travis / Travis’ Favorite Things / TravsLikes, etc plastered on my website so I’m pretty sure the lack of that content can balance this one out. 😉

There’s lots of talk lately about selfies – which is a short-term word for self portraits. There are many fine art photographers out there who are self portrait photographers, that use themselves as their own subject in their conceptual work. They’ve built a business and make a living off of taking photos of themselves. Most people’s selfies will be taken with a cell-phone and given a splash of instagram love loaded with hashtags to gain more followers. Yeah, I do it and you probably do too!

But who doesn’t love a great…

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