Musings on the Perfect Shot: You Lose Some, You Win Some. (part 2)


Our business, by all measures, is about the infinite quest to capture the perfect shot – the ever elusive, often unattainable, highly subjective “perfect shot.” This is quite possibly one of the greatest misnomers of our shooting life.

20130421_©BrakeThrough Media_IMG_9509

If you calculate how many shots [or actual exposures] we take each race day against how many ones fall into the so-called perfect category, we are essentially failing each and every day. If we take an average of 700-1000 frames in a day, we might find one perfect shot. Or we might not. That’s quite an admission to make. And yet, we continually sort through the day’s haul in search of the one perfect shot. Go figure.

So, what makes a perfect shot? And, furthermore, does it even exist? The pursuit of this inquiry is most likely what motivates nearly every professional photographer throughout his/her career – can something so quintessentially subject…

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