Ideas make you dance: Grupo TEDx writes cumbia songs from talks

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Some great ideas make you want to get up and dance. Ever wondered what Stewart Brand’s talk on de-extincting animals would sound like set to music? Even if the answer is no, which it likely is, today is your lucky day. A band called Grupo TEDx has written such a song, giving Brand’s talk some serious Latin flair. Listening may well inspire hip-shaking.

Grupo TEDx is a cumbia band assembled to promote last year’s TEDxBuenosAires. It brought together musicians with a passion for TED Talks and, together, they crafted songs about some of their favorites. Naturally, they chose two blockbuster talks from TEDxBuenosAires to set to music—Jorge Melguizo’s “Medellîn, the creative city” and Lisa Solmirano’s “Inclusion through sports.” But they also crafted songs based on Brand’s TED Talk, “The dawn of de-extinction—are you ready?,” Stephen Johnson’s talk, “Where good ideas come from,” Timothy Prestero’s talk…

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