Buckminster Fuller on Childhood and Education


51AP2GCA-xLOn the 1st of July 1983, American neo-futuristic architect, system theorist, designer and inventor Buckminster Fuller died in Los Angeles, California. The man who used to launch his lectures by introducing himself as “the world’s most successful failure” was in fact one of the most brilliant and nonconformist minds of the twentieth century. Expelled from Harvard twice, first time for spending all his money partying with a vaudeville group and second time for showing no interest in his studies, he never acquired a college degree.

After taking on a few odd jobs as a mechanic in a textile mill and a labourer in the meat-packing industry, he developed with his father-in-law the Stockade Building System for producing light-weight, weatherproof, and fireproof housing. The business was partially dictated by guilt and Fuller’s feeling of personal responsibility regarding the death of his four-year old daughter, who, he believed, died due to…

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