Emily Brontë: Female Talent vs Biased Male Criticism

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On the 19th of December 1848, Emily Brontë, aged only thirty, died in her home in Haworth, Yorkshire, England. The young author of the famous novel Wuthering Heights died of tuberculosis. In a letter from the 21st of December 1848, her sister, Charlotte, wrote: “Emily suffers no more from pain or weakness now… Yesterday we put her poor, wasted, mortal frame quietly under the Church pavement. We are very calm at present. Why should we be otherwise? The anguish of seeing her suffer is over; the spectacle of the pains of death is gone by; the funeral day is past… She died in a time of promise. We saw her taken from life in its prime. But it is God’s will and the place where she is gone is better than that she has left…” (Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, The Life of Charlottle Brontë).

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