Guest Artist, Sasha Prood


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F is for FruitFruit adventure

Let’s have a Fruit Adventure! 

On Friday, we welcomed Guest Artist, Sasha Prood, sister of one of our TG Student’s, to our art room to share her illustrations and drawing book. The book, Fresh Fruit, is part of a series of drawing books she is currently working on as her graduate thesis, at the School of Visual Arts.

Fresh FruitMore Fresh Fruit1D meeting our guest artist and illustrator

Fresh Fruit, uses creative and fun prompts to get children interacting with the fruit they eat. I personally love the playful owls and insects that take us on this creative journey of buying and eating fresh fruit. Students loved using their senses to respond to questions like, “What does your fruit look like?” and “Where did you buy your fruit?” They used their words and illustrations to creatively respond to these fun prompts.  Here are their fruit stories!

Pennington MarketShopRiteStop and Shop

Where do you buy your fruit?

What does your fruit sound like? (3)What does your fruit sound like? (2)What does your fruit sound like?

What does your fruit sound like? 

What texture is your fruit? (2)What texture is your fruit?

What texture…

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