Wednesdoodles: Frustration=Creation!

#art #journaling

Good news! I’ve been doodling!
I had a very busy past few weeks gearing up for the Halifax Crafter’s Society Winter Market making greetings and art prints for my company Double Dare. We had a super successful weekend and had a blast meeting new customers as well as saying hello to folks who we remember from crafter’s past! After the big show my sister and I spent some time resting and decompressing and basically gearing ourselves up for a busy 2015!!
hannah1I spent my free time hanging out in the studio. I try to take one of my days off to spend time drawing and experimenting in the studio. It’s nice to go in with an open mind, and with no real objective other than to see where things go. This week I had a particularly rough time getting myself into the studio. I had the ENTIRE day, and…

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