An actual conversation I had with a parent yesterday

Education – Parent Conferences

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exhausted_zpsa4303e7bHi, Mr. Smith?  This is Mr. Siler, I’m the <job title> at <school>.  I have your daughter Sally with me right now.  Do you have a moment?

No, sir, she’s not in trouble.  In fact, she asked me to call you.

Yes, that’s correct.

Well, this morning she found me in the cafeteria and let me know that another student who sits near her had been smoking on the bus that morning.  She reported that he was smoking marijuana, but as it turned out it was just cherry-flavored tobacco.

Yes, we’ve concluded our investigation and the situation’s being dealt with.

Yes, I’m quite happy that she spoke up.  She did the right thing.  But that’s not why I’m calling.  Yes, this happened this morning.  Several hours ago.  I sent her to class right after she told me about it, but she’s only just now come back downstairs to my office.

Well, you see…

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