AstroPrint’s Cloud Platform Lets You Manage 3D Printing From Anywhere

3D Printing from the cloud? AWESOME!!!!


astroprint ipad500 Startups-backed AstroPrint has made a combination of cloud platform, local software and hardware to enable the management of 3D printing from any device that can connect to the web with a modern browser.

For those not aware, the actual process of 3D printing is about as interesting to watch in real-time as ants building out their tunnels in an ant farm. It happens slowly, with tiny mechanisms adding slice after slice, layer after layer, until you have something that actually looks like a recognizable shape.

It’s something you only need to see a handful of times, and is best seen as a time lapse. But if 3D printing is something you do professionally, it’s still important to monitor what’s going on with your prints. When something complex can take half a day or longer to print, it’s important to make sure you didn’t waste half of it because…

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