Camu Brings Its All-In-One Camera App, Photo Editor And Mobile Messenger To Android

Photography with Mobile Devices


Camu, a mobile app for editing photos and video that was earlier named one of the App Store Best of 2014 applications following its launch this past August, is now available to Android users after receiving 3 million downloads via iTunes. The app is designed to simplify the process of shooting, editing then sharing photos and videos by offering the ability to do many of the more common photo-editing tasks, like creating collages or adding text, all in one application.

While many users today do their photo or video edits after the fact, Camu instead offers “live” filters that let you pick filters both before and after shooting, while also letting you make on-screen clarity adjustments, giving you the ability to shoot your photo collages live, and afterwards, quickly make simple edits via techniques like blurring, zooming, or adding text. A “super-focus” mode lets you add depth-of-field to images. Meanwhile, Camu’s “auto mode” setting…

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