Grete Schütte-Lihotzky: House Maker, Not Homemaker



51yOYzPiJvLOn the 18th of January 2000, Austria’s first female architect, Nazi resistance, as well as Marxist activist Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky died in Vienna five days before her 103rd birthday. Lihotzky became the first female student at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Vienna, where important modern artists such as Hoffmann, Hanak and Kokoschka were teaching. She obtained her place with difficulty, following a recommendation letter from Klimt requested by her mother. Celebrating her 100th birthday in 1997, Lihotzky recalled that it would have been inconceivable in 1916 for a woman to be commissioned to build a house. Lihotzky toiled passionately at becoming useful as well as successful. She lived, worked, or taught in various corners of the world, including the Soviet Union, Turkey, Bulgaria, Japan, China, UK, France, USA, Cuba and Germany. In 1943 she was arrested and spent 2 years out of a 15-year sentence in prison for her anti-nazi activism, being…

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