Hoping To Engage More Readers, Wikipedia Rolls Out A Redesigned Mobile App



The Wikimedia Foundation is rolling out a new version of its Wikipedia mobile application beginning this afternoon, which offers an improved reading experience, better search and an image-centric design, the company says. The updated app will be released on Android first, with an iOS release scheduled to follow.

Overall, the new look and functionality improvements are focused on making the Wikipedia site, which now hosts over 33.5 million articles in 287 languages, more usable on mobile devices.

In the new release, a prominent, contextually relevant image is being added to the top of each article — something that’s designed to engage readers with the topic, the organization says. In addition, the search experience now features a more defined, higher-contrast search bar alongside a list of recently searched topics.

Viewing images on Wikipedia’s app has been improved, too, as there’s now a pop-up panel that you can launch with a tap, then…

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