Kiko Labs Debuts A Series Of “Brain-Training” Games For Kids

Brain training games for kids.


A new company called Kiko Labs is today releasing a series of “brain-training” games for children. Think, perhaps: a Lumosity for the preschool-plus set. Like others claiming to promote cognitive skill development through gameplay, Kiko Labs’ games were developed in partnership with a scientific advisory board, who advised the company on how to best translate dozens of research studies and scientific papers into functional games aim to help kids better develop skills like working memory, reasoning, cognitive flexibility, selective attention, and more.

The idea for the startup comes from founder and CEO, Grace Wardhana, previously an executive producer at social games company Gaia Interactive. Now a parent herself, she was frustrated that she couldn’t find games on the App Store that were based on cognitive science.

“I couldn’t find much content for young children beyond ABC’s and 123’s that was transformative as well as educational,” she explains. “That personally inspired me to apply…

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