The Hovertrax Is Like Two Dumb Little Segways For Your Feet

Cool Design!


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If laziness was a sport, the equipment would be the Hovertrax. You step up onto the foot pads, tip your feet forward, and two motorized wheels carry you around while gyroscopes auto-balance the Hovertrax so you don’t fall off.

What’s hilarious is just how casual you look riding it. You’re basically standing upright while cruising up to 8 miles at 5 miles per hour on a single charge.

On sale for $995, though, I don’t know who’s going to buy it. And neither does SoloWheel, the company who makes it. I asked and their representative told me they’ve seen it bought for kids as a toy, for adults to travel long indoor distances like at airports, and for work to jet around warehouses.


The tilt-based controls were surprisingly reactive and I didn’t want for more power. Still, I don’t think any amount of riding would make…

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