Art as Therapy is not a new concept and it is a growing career field in today’s overly stressed, overly depressed, overly traumatized society. The field of psychology is embracing the use of art as therapy as it sees more and more evidence of its benefits in communication breakthroughs with children, young adults, veterans suffering from PTSD, Alzheimer’s patients, and others suffering from brain injuries to dementia.

Art is an essential component to good mental or psychological health.  It is also an important avenue for therapist to work with those who cannot clearly express or communicate their emotions, trauma, or experiences through verbal communication.

This is also another excellent reason Art should never be removed from the Education System.  It is an  important mode of individual expression and creativity and an essential avenue for distressing and relaxing the overstimulated and excessive use of the left brain throughout their academic day.


Share your ideas, favorite sites, or favorite art related technology here.

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