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Tellagami App – creating animated messages..

I attended a tech conference this weekend for educators and one of the presenters showed us how her students used this app to create animations of their English debate topics. Each student had to prepare for both sides of the debate topic, but only had to create their animation one of of the two. It was a very creative way for the for even the most shy high school students to present their debate. Each created their own avatar and recorded their portion of the debate using their own avatars. GREAT IDEA for many curricula!

ICT Across the Curriculum


Tellagami is an app which allows you to create a short 30 second animated movie called a ‘gami’ (It is free for a limited time from the iTunes store). It is very similar to creating a Voki for those of you who may have used Voki and is very simple. You start by creating and customizing a character and then selecting an appropriate background (you can if you wish take a picture of your classroom or another area and use this as the background). Finally you decide how you want your character to talk. You can type in text (choice of male / female and a few accents) or you can record your voice (limited to 30 secs). Here is a quick video (not surprisingly a ‘gami’ explaining the Tellagami:


Great potential for creating little video clips of characters – these could be historical characters with extracts of…

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