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Welcome all Art Educators and Art enthusiasts to the place I hope will preserve my sanity as I navigate the ever entangling web of information overload in an effort become better organized in keeping track of some of the greatest Art Education resources available on the internet.  Please leave comments or replies and share your favorite links, lesson plan ideas, images, and other resources that you have discovered out there in our enormous media information web.  Thanks for visiting.

Street photography. The local scene

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Jasonikon's Blog

Over the last couple of days I have been walking from one end of the local high street to the other, my Nikon on my tummy, 35mm lens. ISO set high enough to yield a smallish aperture to get a safe depth of field. More or less. So much for the technicalities. The more interesting bit is the people who walk to and fro and generally inhabit this half mile of shops, paving stones and tarmac. From the quirky, to the pensive, the aggressive, the ugly, the resigned, the damaged, is there nothing that a camera cannot make look interesting? There’s little more to say on the matter. The true genius of photography lies in the ability to capture and freeze an instant of so called “normal” life, to be scrutinised at an almost forensic level, by anyone, at any time, and for however long into the changing future, as…

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New ART magazine is here!



arTree magazine is here and we are thrilled to share the first issue with you.


Just send an email to and you will receive the first issue for your kids – for FREE. Learn about Gustav Klimt, choose an art project you want to try, make your own jewelry, research your family history and more. Have fun and get creative.


When your kids create something you would like to share with us, please do. We would love to see it, upload it to our gallery and share it with other budding artists. Plus, if you send us an artwork inspired by our issue by September 30th you will have a chance to win a jewelry-making kit (nu purchase/subscription necessary).


Want to receive a magazine like this every month? Consider subscribing. For $15 you will get 12 issues of the magazine–that is over 40 art projects and 40 activities

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Foundations in Studio Art and Still Lifes

Emma Teaches Art!

My hope this semester is that I will expose my 9th grade students to as many new art materials as possible, while making connections to real careers in the art world. I also want them to find their own strengths and interests as young artists. As I told all of my parents recently at back to school night: We will be starting out very traditional, creating a still life painting on canvas, and then, from there, continue to add more and more real world applications for art. Before I go off on a tangent about what I have planned for the semester I would like to just start with our still lifes.

Each Freshman art student has just finished the first of 7 projects to come. They are amazing, and they took a total of 6.7 hours each. We have 80 minute class periods, and we worked on them for…

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