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Assessment FOR Creativity: What Would It Look Like?

Wow. Great assessment resource.


WordleAssessment is front and center in just about every educational venue today. Whatever we want to develop in schools, we need to think about how it relates to assessment.

To me, one of the most important concepts in assessment is Stiggins’ differentiation of assessment OF learning and assessment FOR learning. Assessment OF learning, of course, is assessment mainly focused on evaluation, letting us know how much students have learned. Assessment FOR learning is primarily designed to help students learn, by giving students and teachers the information they need.

I have said before that the distinction Stiggins made has caused me to contemplate a parallel relationship between assessment and creativity. Researchers have worked for years to develop assessments OF creativity—assessments that will help us recognize and evaluate creativity. But in schools, most assessments have other purposes. Since we must have assessments, let’s design them so they are supportive of students’…

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Art Heroes – Home

Art Heroes – Home. Students get real-world design experience while completing art and design jobs for Non-Profit companies around the globe.  Educators join our cause.  Art Students get add successful real world design projects to your portfolio and resume’s.  Non-Profits post a job that students can complete for your organization.  We Art Heroes spreading our Creative Ideas and service around the world.  Join us!

Bonus mystery object


I usually offer up a mystery object on Friday, but here’ a bonus object that landed on my desk this morning.


Apparently it was found in a horsefield in Kent, I have narrowed down the likely species of the animal that ‘donated’ the bone to a couple of options, but thought you might like to have a go as well, before the specimen is handed over to our Anthropologists to inspect the engraved designs.

As usual can can leave your comments below. Have fun!

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