Photography Resources for Education

Adobe Creative Cloud is awesome software for Photography Classes, however very expensive.  It is the industry standard for professional photographers and therefore comes highly recommended.  Useful software for Photography Education in Creative Cloud is: Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, and Photoshop Elements.  Some of these can be purchased separately as stand-alone software if you cannot afford to enroll in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Education Discounts are available with proof of education affiliation, K-12 and Higher Education, both to students and educators.  A current copy of Faculty ID and Student ID is usually sufficient proof.

I highly recommend talking to a support representative at Adobe to discuss Educational Discounts for Site Licenses, Small Group Licenses, and District Licenses.  If you are small like my class, Small Group Licenses will probably be the most affordable option.

Adobe provides fantastic support.  One of my favorite resources is ADOBE TV at  It allows you to view video episodes and tutorials for all of their software.  I use this often in my classroom instruction.

BEHANCE Online Portfolio — is a great place to upload and share student portfolios, or you can have them set up a professional portfolio with BEHANCE at

For those of you out there needing FREE software options, I recommend GIMP.  It has most of the powerful software options and tools that Adobe Photoshop offers, but is a little different.  There are online tutorials and videos on YouTube to help you learn how to use this powerful free software too.

WARNING:  You must download the software from the actual GIMP website, or you WILL get a virus from reputable looking websites. is the ONLY site that I recommend downloading this software from.

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