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My Vicious Cycle

I am stuck in this vicious cycle from which I cannot seem to free myself; reading relaxes me, art relaxes me, reading about art inspires me to create. . . so I continue to read about art instead of creating?

I know, it doesn’t make any sense.  Something is keeping me from leaping from this vicious tornado so that I can actually begin creating. Is it a fear of the landing?  That landing being what I may perceive as good work or a pitiful failed attempt. I’m not sure.  Or perhaps, I am just a lazy procrastinator who prefers to pretend that I am an artist rather than proving that I am.

Maybe the blame lies on my recent acquisition of a therapist for the purpose of learning to handle stress more effectively so that I may prevent any more stomach ulcers.

By the way, I absolutely enjoyed the book I just finished reading #ShowYourWork by #AustinKleon and highly recommend it to all creative individuals out there.  It is a quick read but full of that “inspiration” I mention above.  So I will probably begin reading his other book, #StealLikeAnArtist as soon as Amazon delivers.

Candie Witherspoon, Author

Candie Witherspoon, Author