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Foundations in Studio Art and Still Lifes

Emma Teaches Art!

My hope this semester is that I will expose my 9th grade students to as many new art materials as possible, while making connections to real careers in the art world. I also want them to find their own strengths and interests as young artists. As I told all of my parents recently at back to school night: We will be starting out very traditional, creating a still life painting on canvas, and then, from there, continue to add more and more real world applications for art. Before I go off on a tangent about what I have planned for the semester I would like to just start with our still lifes.

Each Freshman art student has just finished the first of 7 projects to come. They are amazing, and they took a total of 6.7 hours each. We have 80 minute class periods, and we worked on them for…

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